Ricardo Alves

Ricardo Alves

Dentist Doctor

Clínic Póvoa Norte | Clínic Póvoa Sul

  • Dental Medicine Course, Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Porto
  • Theoretical and Clinical Course: Improvement in Orthodontics and Facial Jaw Orthopedics, Andréa Calles , Hospital Militar Regional Porto
  • Certificate of attendance at the course in adult basic life support conducted in accordance with the current resuscitation council guidelines, UK
  • Certificate of attendance the following course: Treatment planning and partial denture design , UCL Eastman Dental Institute, London, UK
  • Theoretical-practical course: Mastering Endodontics , EndoAcademy , Porto
  • Implantology and advanced surgery course, Emfils , Itu, Brazil
  • Theoretical and practical course on prosthesis and occlusion, Octávio Ribeiro and Pedro Pinto, Porto
  • Modular course in implantology (3rd module): Prosthesis over implant in the anterior sector: emulating nature with predictability, Carlos Falcão, Porto
  • Endodontic microsurgery course, EndoAcademy , Porto
  • Modular course in Periodontology : Mucogingival and regenerative surgery, Alexandre Miguel Santos, Porto
  • Course: Technical Training all on 4 – How to simply and quickly rehabilitate atrophic maxillae without performing bone grafts, Salomão Ostetto , Brazil

Dentistry Course : Dental preparations for inlays , onlays and overlays , Alexandre Cavalheiro, Porto


OMD 2641

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