Fixed Prosthesis

It is the partial or total restoration of a tooth crown (single fixed prosthesis) or the replacement of one or more missing teeth (fixed partial denture or “fixed bridge”).

When fixed on the patient’s teeth, previously prepared to receive it, it rehabilitates him to chew, speak or smile. It is called “fixed” because it cannot be removed by the patient or the Dentist.

The use of a fixed prosthesis does not require the total absence of the tooth, but it can be used to restore a tooth that has deteriorated in such a way that it is not possible to restore it using resins and amalgams.

When there is no tooth structure to be used, only the crown (the root is damaged and is not usable), it can be placed on an implant. If this is not possible, another possibility is to build a bridge.


Removable Prosthesis

Removable dentures are dental and gingival substitutes that allow the restoration of aesthetic, phonetic and masticatory functions using teeth and artificial gingiva. As the name implies, the patient can put them on and take them off without the intervention of the Dentist.

This type of prosthesis can be made immediately after the extraction of the teeth (not requiring a period in which the patient is edentulous) or a few months after the extraction of the last tooth and after complete healing of the tissues.

We put on prostheses and develop smiles.

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